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Oxford-AstraZeneca's Vaccine Reception Ceremony on January 23rd

The President of the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Honorary Consul General of India in Rio de Janeiro, H.E. Leonardo Ananda, was present at the ceremony to receive doses of the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine, produced at the Serum Institute in India, which took place on Saturday (23) at 16:00 at FioCruz.

Ms. Sarah Ananda Gomes, a doctor who works with COVID-19 patients in Belo Horizonte, was vaccinated at the ceremony. The paternal family of palliative care physician Sarah Ananda Gomes is from Goa, in southern India. Her father, Elson Gomes Junior, is Honorary Consul General of India in Minas Gerais, and her brother, Leonardo Ananda Gomes, performs the same function in Rio de Janeiro.

It was a moment of extreme relevance for the health of Brazilians, but above all, a relevant event in the India-Brazil relationship. Brazil was one of the first countries to receive the cargo, thanks to the good relationship of the countries.

We thank and congratulate Fiocruz and Biomanguinhos for this achievement.

Check the full report at: in-beautiful-horizon-and-one-of-the-first-vaccinated-in-the-river.ghtml



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