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Mr. Leonardo Ananda interview to the magazine A Granja

Mr. Leonardo Ananda, President of the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce and A.H. Consul General of India in Rio de Janeiro, contributed to a report in the latest edition of Revista A Granja, focused on journalism in the agricultural sector. In the last edition, the magazine brought news related to the agricultural segment and insights on Brazilian exports. Among the topics covered, the India-Brazil relationship appeared with a focus on the Indian potential to import Brazilian agricultural products.

In his comments, Mr. Leonardo pointed out how India's agriculture is still not enough to meet the demand of the country's large population, for reasons of availability of clean water for irrigation, territory and type of plantation. As a consequence, this establishes a scenario that may generate a potential increase in exports from Brazil to the Indian market. In this way, synergies can be explored in this sector with regard to the bilateral India-Brazil relationship. To read the full report, access the following pdf.

Download PDF • 3.94MB

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