Indo-Brazilian cooperation allows the transport of 2 million Covishield doses to Brazil

In a moment that the fight against the pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus is the main subject in the entire world, the cooperation between nations is the key-tool to reach a collective solution and to provide the expected recovery of the normal economic, political, social, cultural, and personal activities.

With spirits of mutual collaboration, since India allowed the exportation of 2 million doses of Covishield (Vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in partnership with Aztrazeneca) that is produced by Serum Institute of India, Brazil and India performed another historical milestone into their political and diplomatic relationship.

Respecting the Indian population and its inoculation process established by the Government of India, Brazil waited the right moment to negotiate the vaccines export authorization.

Therefore, there is no doubt that both nations appreciate themselves their relationship and they will join efforts to strength it even more to provide healthier environments nationally and internationally.


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