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Brazilian aircraft takes-off to India and it will transport 2 million COVISHIELD vaccine doses

On last Wednesday (13), the Government of Brazil has informed that it freighted an airplane to go to India in order to transport 2 million doses of the vaccine COVISHIELD , which has been developed by Astrazeneca and the University of Oxford, being produced by Serum Institute of India. Those doses have been requested by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz – FIOCRUZ).

For this operation, the air company Azul Linhas aéreas declared that it will use an Airbus A330neo model, the biggest aircraft in its fleet, which will departure on this Wednesday from Recife at 11pm, being bredicted to be back on Saturday (16) with a cargo loaded of almost 15 tons.

This is one more path to strength the Indo-Brazilian relationship into the political, commercial, and humanitarian spheres.



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