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Thinking India to Innovate- INDIASOFT 2018: IT Opportunity

"Currently, India is a world reference in the provision of technological solutions to the most diverse countries in the world, representing about 67% of this market. One of the reasons why you can not talk about Information Technology today without mentioning India is mainly due to the high competitiveness of costs in the provision of IT services, since the industry has abundant labor, employing about 10 million workers in the country. However, it is not only the low costs that put India as a world leader in this sector but the intellectual capital recognized by global companies that create their centers of innovation in the country. This is without considering the large Indian companies that have global presence like TCS, Infosys, Nasscom, Wipro and others. It is for this and other reasons that the Government of India has invested in the growth of this prominent sector by proposing various opportunities to foreign companies interested in knowing the capabilities of India. (IBEF, 2017)

It was in one of these initiatives that the government instituted the Information Technology Fair of India, INDIASOFT, together with the Council for the Promotion of Software and Electronic Exportation (ESC). In this event, it is possible to identify innovations for the most diverse sectors, from the interaction with Indian companies of small and medium size of the sector. INDIASOFT has become a benchmark in the country for attracting entrepreneurs and executives from various countries and for creating an environment of interaction and new opportunities for companies thinking of innovating and improving their business. The potential of this sector in India is so great that the government offers incentives to companies that want to get to know and get involved in these new opportunities that India can offer. To those who wish to know about the event, follow the link:

Considering this scenario, the Brazil Brazil Chamber of Commerce, which acts as a facilitator of trade relations between both countries, formed a strong partnership with ESC, aiming to attract Brazilian executives to participate in the fair. Since the partnership was formalized in 2014, the Board organizes the official business missions to INDIASOFT and a specific agenda organized in India's largest IT companies. For the year 2018, the expectation is a Brazilian delegation of 30 delegates, fomenting the relation India India in the IT sector. Get to know the work of the Chamber at INDIASOFT through the link:"

Letícia Gomes Oliveira, General Coordinator of India Brazil Chamber of Commerce



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