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Rio celebrates its 453° anniversary

Today, 1st March, Rio de Janeiro celebrates its 453rd anniversary after its foundation in 1565.

The city, which used to be the capital of Brazil, will count on several events to celebrate the special dates. Rio is known as the “Wonderful City” for its many attractiveness, natural resources and hospitality folk. It was the stage of many global events, like the World Youth Day, Olympics and Paralympics Games, World Cup and United Nations Conference for Environmental and Weather (Rio 92).

The city has rich touristic and cultural scenarios, highlighted by beautiful beaches, the Christ Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf. It’s also known for its attractive night places where the population and tourists can visit and listen to great samba music. In what concerns “Samba”, Rio is worldwide famous for organizing wonderful Carnival Parades transmitting culture, art, music and happiness to the public.

Undoubtedly, Rio de Janeiro offers a lot of entertainment and beautiful landscapes. In the words of a respected Brazilian singer and composer, Gilberto Gil: “O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo!” - “Rio de Janeiro remains beautiful!”.



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