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India - Suspension of the prohibition of the exportation of some pharmaceutical products

With a population of more than 1,3 billion people, India is providing the biggest lockdown in the world due to COVID-19, representing 1/3 of the global population. India is getting ready to the new pandemic environment by applying national and international measures in many sectors. In order to avoid not only new virus’ progress but also the lack of products internally faced its big population, India had restricted the exportation of 26 medicine inputs and health equipment from March 03rd.

Among more than 20 formulations, most of them has strong presence on Brazilians daily lives. We can elucidate Paracetamol, Azytromicin and Acyclovir. Thereafter, the world got into alert state since India is responsible for supplying 20% of raw material for generic medicines production for the entire Globe.

Considering the great relationship between India and Brazil, the Government of Brazil attend a bilateral web conference with India to articulate possible solutions for this case. Fortunately, last Monday (April 06th) was marked with a new Official Notice from the Government of India allowing the return of the exportation of all medicine inputs mentioned in the previous notice, published one month ago. However, due to the lockdown which is maintained until March 14th, logistics issues has been seen as the new challenge to be faced by exporters from India and importers from all over the world. In this way, the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce, acting as a commercial bridge between both nations, is working hard to support and keep business happening. For that, IBCC counts with Members and Partners that have strategic solutions to their associated companies regarding this cautious moment we are living.

The EPIs and formulation that were allowed by Official Notice can be found on

Finally, everyone is living in an instable environment in several aspects due to coronavirus, but cooperation is the answer to make things happen in the right way, as we can check by observing the India-Brazil fruitful relationship.



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