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Port of Açu develops social actions into COVID-19 pandemic moment

During the Coronavirus’ context, the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce (IBCC) is working to support its members, friends and partners’ activities. Therefore, it is our role and pleasure to disseminate great initiatives that are being developed by our associated members, once those actions contribute for an optimistic and hopeful environment.

Porto of Açu, IBCC’s Associated member and partner, was invited to be represented by Ms. Tessa Major, International Business & Innovation Director of Port of Açu, to preside the Task Force against Coronavirus, developed by the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH). IAPH is a reference non-governmental organization for the international port industry, representing more than 200 ports in different parts of the world and its members are responsible for 60% of the world's maritime transport. Thus, Port of Açu joins into a select group composed by influent international ports in its regions. They have been studying together the best global practices to ensure the health and safety of all its employees.

Port of Açu acts intensively in social responsibility and it kept its operations since it recognizes its role in the construction of a society, being the door for International Trade in Brazil. It maintains an active economy and grants the resources necessary in the region where it operates. In this spirit, Port of Açu developed and implemented a Social Responsibility and Humanitarian Actions Committee to ensure the physical and mental health of its employees, clients, partners and the communities of São João da Barra and Campos dos Goytacazes.

Among the initiatives developed by the Committee, it can be highlighted the donation of more than 1000 individual equipment for health professional from the above-mentioned regions. The donation consists in gloves, masks, glasses, boots and overalls that are going be used by who are working hard in the new virus front line.

"We adopted all prevention measures inside Porto of Açu to try to avoid the coronavirus’ progress, because the security of our employees is our priority. With the communities around us is not different. We are committed with the well-being and health of everyone. Because of that, every effort mut be taken to keep everyone safe. We also are counting with the individual collaboration, after all this is a collective battle.” - Vinícius Patel – Port Administration Director at Porto of Açu Operation (Free Translation by IBCC)

To know more about the donation made by Port of Açu, click on HERE.

The Project “Fair in the Port” was created and developed by Port of Açu to provide a agricultural fair in its facilities, fomenting the small local farmers. It also was adapted into the pandemic moment and now it operates by order. Since the Port’s Managers are worried to maintain the income and activities of the small farmers from resettlement Vila da Terra ad also the security of all its employees, the products can be ordered through telephone and they will be delivered in three different points of São João da Barra and Campos dos Goytacazes. Following the orientation for prevention to coronavirus, the initiative also teach the producers how to manipulate and to pack the products before sending them to their destinies. Check all details regarding this beautiful initiative on HERE.

In addition to its initiatives, Port of Açu also developed a website with all measures adopted by the organization to keep its operations, once it believes in the precision information to provide its employees security. The website counts with some orientations for preventing the COVID-19 and it elucidates the measures that must be followed by its employees, clients and partners inside and outside the Port in this cautious moment. It can be accessed on HERE.

One more time, the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce is honoured by its partnership with Port of Açu faced its initiatives regarding social actions due to COVID-19 pandemic moment. Since we believe that actions like those are necessary to reach a more humanitarian and cooperative world, IBCC congratulates everyone who is involved by every single movement.



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