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Cooperative action provided a donation of medicines against COVID-19

Regarding the great actions developed by our Associates and Partners, the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce (IBCC) is pleased to share one more donation provided by Nunesfarma during the pandemic caused by Coronavirus.

Last week, Nunesfarma, supported by IBCC and the Hon. Consulate General of India in Rio de Janeiro, donated one thousand boxes of Nesh Zinco, a medicine formulated with Zinco, to Rio de Janeiro’s City Hall in order to assist on the fight against COVID-19.

The Donation is part of a social iniciative developed by Nunesfarma, which aims to donate Nesh Zinco to the governmental spheres, offering a support on the frontline against the new virus’ progress since many studies show that Zinco can be efficient on the desease treatment.

We congratulate Nuesfarba for this beautiful action and we also are thankful for our great partnership, which one we strongly believe in its potential to develop future activities like that one.

We also appreciate the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro for trusting in us by receiving the donations. We are certain this was an important path to strengthen our partnership and to combat coronavirus. We take this opportunity to thank you for the auspicious letter sent by the International Relations Undersecretariat of Rio de Janeiro’s City Hall. Count on us to narrow ties with India.



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