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CULTURAL FRIDAY: Açaí, a Brazilian fruit.

Açaí is a typical Brazilian fruit from Amazonia that grows in the “açaizeiro”, a kind of palm tree, which can reach 30 meters of height being able to produce around four bunches at one go. It grows in humid areas and the açaí’s harvest happens during the Brazilian winter, in the second semester of the year. Nowadays, the fruit is also produced in other countries of the amazon region as Equator, Venezuela, Colombia and in the Guianas.

Açaí became famous in Brazil in the XXI Century, in 2000, when it started to be consumed at the gyms, in addition to be consumed at the beaches, because it’s associated to a health nutrition and a source of energy through its many fibers, proteins, vitamin and minerals. For this reason, açaí has the status of a fitness meal, collaborating to the amino acids’ development that is an important allied on the construction of muscles. It is also a highly natural energetic food.

In general, Brazilian people love açaí because it’s health, delicious, fresh, and it can be served with some compliments like chocolate or fruit sauces, candies, granola and other grains.

Let’s try it?


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