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Cooperative Action between IBCC & Nunesfarma provided a donation of Medicines to Minas Gerais State

Updated: May 13, 2020

The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce believes that disseminating great actions might contribute to reach a better and more cooperative world. In this way, it is working not only assisting its Associate Members’ demands into the pandemic moment, but also sharing and supporting their activities.

With hopeful and cooperative spirit, we are honoured to announce that Nunesfarma, our Associate Member and Partner, is donating Nesh Zinco to health institutions and organizations. Nesh Zinco is a medicine formulated with Zinco and many studies has shown zinco as an efficient medicine against COVID-19. Among the donations, the State of Minas Gerais has already received more than 65 boxes of medicines for testing. Nunesfarma is also in contact with representatives of the Government of Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and São Paulo to discuss new donation possibilities.

To sumarize, Nunesfarma is an importer and a distributor of pharmaceutical medicines and it has been importing inputs from India for 11 years, since 2009.

At last, the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce congratulates Nunesfarma and reinforce how honourable is to count with partners which look further at the others through great actions like that. We are sure it will inspire other beautiful activities around the world.



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