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Contact us and expand your business through our personalized services. By completing and submitting the interest form we will contact you informing the procedures to be followed to complete a service purchase and/or formalize an association with the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce

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Benefits For Associate Members

Exclusive Information Network

In addition to having constant monitoring by the IBCC regarding their projects, whether in relation to the Indian or Brazilian market, our Associates also have access to exclusive first-hand strategic information about the bilateral relationship between both countries.

Newsletter Mailing

Once a month we send, in firsthand, our newsletter to our associates, aiming to inform about new associations, the work developed in partnership with members, new business opportunities, as well as articles written by our members. It's one more way for us to introduce your company to our network of contacts.

Featured on our Social Networks

We use our social networks to publicize the work developed by our associates, in addition to highlighting recent achievements and facilitating contact between the associate and other companies that show interest in the work offered.

Participation in Corporate Events

The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce organizes several events throughout the year to promote contact between its members, as well as to highlight achievements in the relationship between the two countries and present new business opportunities. In addition, you are also invited to participate, with special conditions, in events organized by our partners.


We have partnerships and agreements with some institutions, hotels and gyms, in which our associates have a discount when using these services.

Special Values ​​for services not included

Some of the services we provide are not included in the association, such as assistance for Indian Visa; when joining the company you will receive discounts on contracting such services.


When companies are associated, they receive a digital stamp to identify them as a company associated with the Chamber. The stamp can be added to the website, social networks or other media and dissemination vehicles which the company uses.

Associado da Câmara de Comércio Índia Brasil
Benefits for Associate Members
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