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Porto do Açu and Tessa Major, Director of International Business & Innovation

The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce has the honor of having Porto do Açu as a member company. Largest port-industry-energy asset in Brazil, Açu has a prominent role in the Brazilian international trade. Among the port executives, we have the Director of International Business & Innovation, Mrs. Tessa Major.

Tessa led the negotiations of PAI’s (Port of Antwerp International) investment in Porto do Açu. After that, the Belgian executive came to Brazil, in January 2018, to join the company’s Board of Officers. Currently, Tessa is focused on the development of international business, aiming to promote Açu’s opportunities to foreign players, contributing to the complex’s growth through the consolidation of its mineral, oil and logistics & services hubs. Guided by the main global trends and best practices, Tessa also focus on the development of the port industrial and gas & energy hubs engaging herself in the establishment of new business in areas such as petrochemicals, fertilizers, HBI and renewables.

In January of this year, she was elected Vice President of the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) for Central & South Americas. Subsequently, Tessa was invited to chair the Covid-19 Task Force of the World Port Sustainability Program (WPSP), an initiative of IAPH, due to the proactive efforts of Porto do Açu in the search for best practices for port operations in Covid-19 times.

IAPH is a recognized non-governmental organization for the international port industry, representing more than 200 ports from different parts of the world and its members are responsible for 60% of the world's maritime trade. Porto do Açu's participation in this project put the port in a leading position and increase the probability of Açu being invited in the future to other global initiatives related to the sector.

According to the President of the India-Brazil Chamber, Leonardo Ananda, “Tessa's performance is essential for Porto do Açu to continue moving forward in its achievements and innovations, as she represents an example of female leadership who combines the commercial approach with great focus on successful relationships with customers and partners as well as an important concern with the environment ”.

For further information regarding the actions of Tessa in the context of IAPH, consult the most recent documents criated for the task-force of IAPH to Covid-19:



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