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Logistics news in Porto do Açu: feeder and cabotage service between Rio and Açu

During the “Porto do Açu Week” on the networks of the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce, we highlighted projects and initiatives of the enterprise in several areas. To end the week, we bring Açu logistical commercial news that complement the port's operations and range of services to serve its customers. Today, we highlight the short distance feeder service between Porto do Açu and Rio de Janeiro and the construction of a covered warehouse to boost the import of fertilizers and the operation of other solid bulks.

Feeder and cabotage service between Rio and Açu

In March, Porto do Açu Operations and Companhia de Navegação Norsul signed an operation agreement to launch the short sea shipping service for container and project cargo units between the ports of Rio and Açu, located in São João da Barra, in the North of the State (RJ). The new cabotage service, “feeder short distance”, will establish an integrated, efficient and secure connection between companies in the North of Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais, with the world, through the Multicargas Terminal of Porto do Açu (T- MULT).

The service, which takes 18 hours of travel per stretch, will have the capacity to transport up to 350 units per leg, with regular departures, meeting regional demands and also long-haul routes. The expectation is that the use of oceanic trains will reduce logistical costs and road traffic, bringing greater predictability and safety, in addition to sustainable value, since it will result in a real reduction of carbon emissions in the environment in the order of 22 pct, the remaining emissions will be neutralized by the Norsul Carbon Neutral Program.

In support of maritime transport, Açu also offers integrated door-to-door handling, spawning, warehousing, and road transport services, according to customer demand.

Among the projects under development and which can also support cargo handling is Açu CondLog: 210,000m² logistics condominium, which will have courtyards and warehouses and will provide modular and spot infrastructure in a strategic location in Açu, with shared services and costs . The objective is to attract the supplier closer to the operation of the terminals and reduce costs for both sides.

New covered warehouse at the Multicargas Terminal

Responding to the demands of the customers of the Multicargas Terminal (T-Mult), Porto do Açu Operations is building a covered warehouse to boost the import of fertilizers and the operation of other solid bulks. The warehouse, located just 300 meters from the berth, has approximately 6,000 m² and a storage capacity of 25,000 tons, depending on the product.

Multicharger Terminal (T-Mult)

With activities started in Porto do Açu in 2016, the Porto do Açu Multicargas Terminal operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since the beginning of its inauguration until the end of 2019, the terminal has an average annual growth of 64% in the volume operated, in addition to having a growing portfolio of cargo and customers. Among the differentials of T-Mult are the fact that it is a private terminal, with no queue for mooring, where operations can be done in a customized way, in order to adapt the movements to the needs of each client.

With 182 thousand m² of bonded area, the T-MULT is 14.5 meters deep and capable of receiving vessels with a draft of up to 13.1 meters, such as Panamax vessels. The terminal also has 500 meters of wharf, 340 meters of which are operational.



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