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Diwali and Launching of the Stamps

The Festival of Lights happened in a very special way in the city of Rio de Janeiro last Wednesday (14/11). In addition to the lights that were illuminating the venue Centro Cultural Correios and the beautiful cultural program prepared by the Indian Community Rio, the occasion was illuminated with the presence of the great Brazilian artist, Gilberto Gil, for the Launching of the Stamps of Mahatma Gandhi and 70 years of India Brazil Diplomatic Relations. Gil presented us with the recording of Gandhi's favorite mantra "Vaishnav Jan to" in October of this year and was honored by the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce Câmara de Comércio Índia Brasil and Centro RamaKrishna Vedanta with Vivekanand Commendation. The medal is given to those who stand out in promoting Indian culture in Brazil and, without a doubt, Gil has played this role in a very unique way, in his own style.

We thank the artist Gilberto Gil for the beautiful work and presence in our event.

The evening also counted with the presence of the actors Marcio Garcia and Victor Fasano who acted in the soap opera Caminho das Índias. They surely are fundamental people for the dissemination of Indian culture in Brazil.

After the stamps launching, all guests could enjoy the flavors of India by the buffet Namaste Indian Food and enjoy the beautiful venue, which was lit in the colors of the Indian flag and decorated with beautiful pieces of Balisun.

We hope that the India Brazil relationship grows stronger every day, and certainly Rio de Janeiro will be very important for this trajectory. We thank everyone who was with us.

Special thanks to H.E Ambassador of India, Ashok Das, who enlightened our event! India in Brazil (Embaixada da India, Brasilia)




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