Alpargatas Team
We from Alpargatas were very pleased with the work of the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce in the research process and analysis of the Indian market.

The staff was always very professional, involved and helpful, being of extreme importance for the conduct and conclusion of the project, because, beyond the continued partnership, the team allotted had the experience and expertise in the Indian market, essential issues for the proper conduct of work

The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce has certainly become a great partner of Alpargatas!


Guilherme Laager, Honorary Indian Consul in Rio de Janeiro
The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce is developing excellent works in the bilateral Exchange of those countries. Since I became Honorary Consul of India in the Rio de Janeiro I have followed the huge and rewarding growth of the relation between both countries. I believe that the role of the Chamber, in the global setting, becomes essential for the process of development and intensification of the synergy between India and Brasil.

Alberto Medioli, General Director Group SADA
The Índia Brazil Chamber of Commerce, in short time knew how to create a competent and dynamic structure that is identifying and selecting the best opportunities of the economic interchange that are arising so quickly between the two nations which present an immeasurable potential of growth. Intermediated by this entity, we already received several proposals in the mechanical and also agro business sector that are happening in the pragmatic and simple way, receiving all the necessary support to end the opportunities successfully.

Gautam Khaitan; Advocate O. P. Khaitan & Co.
The efforts of India Brazil Chamber of Commerce in fostering economic links between India and Brazil and creating a functioning alliance between companies of the two countries are commendable. We look forward to an extended and rewarding association with them.

Henrique Mascarenhas; Co-founder of the RM Sistemas
The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce has carried out an important Project of approach between these two so different countries and at the same time, so similar. (…) It was through an initiative of the IBCC that our company could sign partnership with the purpose of an exchange of professionals. (…) In all the process the action of the IBCC was very important for the success in this partnership.

P. G. Shankar, CVBU International Business, TATA MOTORS LTD.
(…) The Indian Brazil Chamber of Commerce has been providing excellent facilitation to TATA Motors for its own operations in the region. The Chamber has provided the company with access to distributors, manufactures and trade associations. The Chamber has thus made a meaningful contribution to TATA Motors in its efforts to build its business in the continent.

Élson de Barros Gomes Júnior, Honorary Indian Consul in Minas Gerais
Since the foundation of the IBCC (in November 2003), the Consulate has accompanied all events and achievements of IBCC. I witnessed a considerable evolution of this Chamber that is incorporating more and more significant associated and partners in the international scenario.

José Vicente Pimentel, Brazilian Ambassador in India
(…)Aware that the moment is favorable to the approach of the business communities from the two countries, the Embassy in New Delhi is endeavoring to divulge the existent opportunities, here, and there. In this work, the support of India Brazil Chamber of Commerce is very welcome as a linkage between Indian and Brazilian companies. With offices in Brazil and in India, the Chamber is fully able to establish itself as a tool of great utility in the commercial approach between the two nations.