The Indian government requires visas from all foreign nationals. In Brazil, visas can be obtained at the Embassy of India in Brasilia (, the Consulate General of India in Sao Paulo ( or through the A.H. Consulate of India in Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte (

You can find below the instructions for obtaining a visa through the A.H. Consulate of India in Minas Gerais:

01) Passport valid for at least one year;

02) Three 3 cm x 4 cm color pictures;

03) International certificate of vaccination against yellow fever;[1]

04) Filled out and signed form (available at the website of the Consulate of India in Minas Gerais); [2]

05) Cashier’s check payable to the Embassy of India (according to the bank, you will need the CNPJ number of the Embassy of India: 04.386.483.0001/65). Note: There is no other way of paying this fee. Only cashier’s check.

06) Issuance fee: R$ 35.00 or Urgent Issuance Fee, if required: R$ 70.00 (amount for each passport and in cash only);

07) The deadline for having the visa ready is at least 10 business days; The consulate is not responsible for any delays in returning the documents;

08) The visa takes effect from the date of issuance;

09) Additional fee for foreign passports: $ 15.00 BRL (in case of a foreign passport, please contact the Consulate to check for additional fees).

Other documents required:

010) For business visa: additional form, invitation letter sent by the relevant Indian company and introduction letter of the Brazilian company to which you are connected and that must be able to pay for all expenses;

011) For work visa: additional form, employment contract and employment offer letter specifying the position, salary, work conditions, etc.

012) For student visa: letter of acceptance of the institution or school in India and a declaration of financial support.

013) Fees:

Tourist Visa:

Valid for up to 6 months $ 180.00 BRL

Student visa: $ 305.00 BRL

Valid for the duration of the course or 5 years (whichever is less)

Visas other than Tourist/Transit/Student:

Valid for up to 6 months $ 325.00 BRL

Valid for up to 1 year $ 470.00 BRL

(The business visa is provided for a minimum of one year)

For more information visit the AH Consulate of India in Minas Gerais website – or call 31 32645444 / 30553836.

[1]You must take the national certificate of vaccination against yellow fever to the Anvisa building, located at Av. Getúlio Vargas, 447,11º andar – Phone: (31) 3277-7557 – 3227-9940 – Hours: Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM. More information: e; The vaccine can be obtained at Rua Paraíba, 890;