The Chamber of Commerce India Brazil offers a range of specialized and exclusive services to the companies with whom it works. Our activities are shaped according to the specific needs of each client, always seeking to contribute with whatever is necessary in the process of importing, exporting or internationalizing the companies.

Each case has its specifics, but there are some main services offered to all its members:

The associated members counted withthe support of the IBCCin every step of the process of importing, exporting or internationalizing their company. Among the services offered are:

  • Market research;
  • Development of specific agendas for the needs of each client;
  • Travel advice to India – from the purchase of the tickets to lodging, meeting of meetings to simultaneous translation;
  • Participation in delegations organized for participation in trade fairs in India;
  • Monitoring in consolidated negotiations and in the relationship between companies;
  • Assistance in dealing with cultural differences;
  • Advertising space on our website;
  • Participation in the events organized by the CCIAIB;
  • Among others.

The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce works through an association system, which works by paying an association fee (charged only once) and a fee that can be paid annually, every six months or monthly, in order to maintain our operating structure to properly offer in the best possible shape all the services provided.