The Challenges of Soccer in India: Stellar Independent League vs. Stagnant Official League

It is with great joy that the India Brazil Chamber of Commerce announces the article written by our dear associate and founding partner of Football Xchange, Leonardo Máximo, where he addresses the main characteristics and challenges of soccer in India.

The challenges of soccer in India: stellar independent league vs. stagnant official league
One billion and 400 million inhabitants; 438 languages in use; 3.8 million square kilometers; 7.6% GDP growth in 2016; 70% of the population living in rural areas; 1% of population paying income tax; 452 inhabitants per square kilometer; 2.3 trillion dollars of GDP in 2016. Were you impressed? Not for less. There is not a single metric about India that does not cause astonishment, admiration, or, at the very least, curiosity



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