Brazil and India have closed an aerospace cooperation agreement

Brazil and India have met to formulate a series of cooperation referring to the scientific and technological areas. On the military field, the task force created will focus on defense projects, specially on the aerospace and naval construction sectors.

Some of the propositions have been presented by representatives of the Navy, the Army and the Air Forces in order to share knowledge and exchange experiences.

Regarding the Air Forces, a bigger approximation was established on the space sector by the Strategic Program for Space Systems (Spss), as well as exchanges on the cyber defense, aerospace medicine, chemical, biological and nuclear defense sectors. They have also agreed to send Brazilian officials to take courses in India as well as to send Indian officials to make exploratory visits to de Science and Aerospace Technology Department (SATD) in São José dos Campos (SP).

Regarding the Army, the execution of an International Strategic Studies course in 2016 was defined, as well as exchanges of researchers and professors among schools, strategic studies and cyber defense centers, besides a doctrinal course about security and cyber defense.

On the Navy field, they have agreed on an academic exchange of aspirants between the Naval Academies in 2016 viagra ohne rezept preisvergleich. It was also agreed to keep the understandings for future cooperation on projects and “Scorpène” submarines and an aircraft carrier building, together with an agreement that predicts exchange of information about the maritime traffic.

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