• Aalok Iluminação
    Aalok Iluminação

    Aalok is a lighting company that develop and produce LED lights in Brazil, aiming to replace the outdated and inefficient technologies with high performance equipment, manufactured with the best high performance components. Their goal is to provide lightning alternatives to the companies in order to search for the best strategies to optimize the company’s expenses.

    Rua da Capela, 119, Vila Beneves
    32.044-020 – Contagem – MG – BRASIL

    +55 (31) 3390 2301



  • Tranca Ferragista
    Tranca Ferragista

    Tranca Ferragista was founded in 1991. Its main objective was to provide security solutions to its clients houses and business. Tranca´s accesses to consumers is facilitated because its strategic location at Brazil´s central area – the region with greatest growth in the country. Besides, Tranca counts with a dry port just a few kilometers from the office.

    Initially focused on selling locks, hinges and padlocks to either residential or industrial needs, step by step the company added new product lines to its portfolio, as an answer to market demand. Nowadays stock units are more diversified and include a wide line of tools (both manual and electrical), accessories, screws, bolts and nuts.

    The main business areas that Tranca acts as a supplier are related to civil engineering – from independent contractors to engineering companies. We also do supply tools to automotive maintenance and furniture manufacturers sectors, as well as we are reliable suppliers to implantation and maintenance of manufacturers. Another importante clients are DIY. Tranca did not forget about its origins and it also keeps its original clients: locksmiths and blacksmiths.

    At this very moment Tranca´s business growth is focused in the insertion of good quality imported tools, locks and hinges to face poor quality products in similiar price conditions, so its clients could be satisfied on their demands.

    Avenida Floriano Peixoto, 2388
    Uberlândia – MG

    +55 (34) 3232-3581


  • Arcos Engenharia de Solos

    Founded in 1969, Arcos Engenharia is a specialized company in soil engineering. The company works on the development of new technologies and intelligent and creative solutions in order to provide security and economy to engineering works, being a world pioneer in bidirectional load testing, simplified technology and safety and economy for a work, with cost reductions and lead times.

    R. José Pedro Drumond, 111 – Floresta
    Belo Horizonte – MG, 30150-140

    +55 (31) 3274-0155




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