BH medalist students create online campaign to compete in India

A group of eight students from the Ilacir Pereira Lima State School in the Cachoeirinha neighborhood, in the Northeastern region of Belo Horizonte, created a campaign to raise funds to compete in a mathematics convention in India. The students won the bronze medal at the International Mathematics Sem Border Games of the French Ministry of Education and were named representatives of the Brazilian delegation in the dispute.

“We are very happy with these things, especially in a scenario where the public school is still seen as being marginalized,” says math teacher Helinton Barbosa, who developed the project that the students will present in the dispute. “The merit belongs to the students, who guaranteed the entrance passport for the Brazilian delegation with the medals in the Olympics,” he says.

According to Barbosa, students’ performance guaranteed the invitation to compete at the 7th International Young Mathematicians Convention (IYMC), which will take place in early December in Lucknow, about 500 kilometers east of the Indian capital, New Delhi.

The dream of the competition, however, is by a thread. The school faces a financial hardship with travel costs. In estimates, about R $ 100,000 is required to cover travel, lodging and food expenses in India. In addition, of course, spending on visa and passport bureaucracy.

To get around the problem, the students created a kitty online for contributions. Call # DoeIndia2016BH, the campaign encourages people to donate whatever amount they want to help fund the trip. The measure is the last alternative for students to compete in international competition.

“People relate public school to a lack of resource and support, but we want to show that this type of achievement goes further. It makes the name of public schools grow and motivate students and professionals, “says Barbosa. “When everyone comes together around a goal, anything can happen.”

So far, the students have collected just $ 700 for the goal, which is expected to finish at the most next Tuesday (15). The date is the deadline for the school to confirm participation in the event and to enter the bureaucratic procedures for the dispute.

Despite the tight deadline, the school’s management believes that the main achievement for students has already been achieved. “All this victory is of great importance to these students. It gives them a larger projection and beyond the common vision one has of public school student, “says Deputy Director Kelson Bueno.

State can not afford
Searching for the report of O TEMPO, the Secretary of State for Education, through a press office, informed that she can not afford the travel expenses of the students. The reason is that, because it is a public body, the State can not afford one group of students to the detriment of others, since other students have already won competitions in similar situations and could not be benefited.

Focus on teaching
Between the 2nd and 5th of December, students from various countries of the world present proposals and projects related to the area of mathematics. In the case of students of the State School Deputy Ilacir Pereira Lima, the focus will be on teaching the discipline in a simple and fun way.

“We look at everyday objects, such as decks and calendars, to show how mathematics is present on a daily basis,” explains Helinton Barbosa. In the text prepared by the teacher, numerous recreational activities were designed and executed by students to facilitate the learning of mathematics to other students. “We try to show that mathematics is real and can be used to amuse and learn. So the student understands the reason why he learns this discipline and he is no longer afraid of it. ”

Brazilian students compete in the category Dexter’s Math-a-torium, a mathematical fair that aims to explore mathematics by different means and techniques. Jurors choose the best project based on the originality, creativity and level of interest generated by the project. The top three teams receive medals.

The International Young Mathematicians Convention is a biannual competition organized by the Indian School City Montessori School.

Source: O Tempo

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