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Siemens invests US$ 50 million in India

(11/23/2011) .
The investment will be for a Siemens Financial Services Pvt oriented to business operations.
Siemens AG has invested US$ 50 million in an Indian unit Siemens Financial Services Pvt, focused on business operations, said the company's senior executive.
"Siemens is looking for a significant portion of future growth in emerging markets, with India being the key," said Roland Chalons-Browne, CEO of Siemens Financial Services GmbH at a news conference.
Both Siemens Financial Services Pvt as Siemens Financial Services GmbH are units of Siemens AG.
Siemens Financial obtained a non-bank license of the Central Bank of India, said the chief executive Sunil Kapoor. The company currently has 50 clients in the health care sector. Kapoor added that the company is considering selling machines and tools for the automotive industry.
The company had previously said it "aims to provide financing services to customers of Siemens in India", especially in health and energy.
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